Who's Afraid of Substantive Due Process?



In partnership with Randy Barnett's Center for the Constitution at Georgetown Law School, we are pleased to host our next JWI Conference: "Who's Afraid of Substantive Due Process?" on Friday, April 21.  

This seminiar-styled Conference will feature prepared remarks delivered by Hadley Arkes, Randy Barnett, Justin Dyer, Matthew Franck, Christopher Green, and Michael Uhlmann.  Funding for this conference is made possible by a grant from the Charles Koch Foundation.

Confirmed Panelists:

Hadley Arkes
Founder and Director, The James Wilson Institute

Randy Barnett
Director, Georgetown Center for the Constitution
Carmack Waterhouse Professor of Legal Theory at the Georgetown University Law Center

Photo Credit: https://www.law.georgetown.edu/faculty/barnett-randy-e.cfm

Justin Dyer
Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Missouri
Director of the Kinder Institute on Constitutional Democracy

Photo Credit: https://democracy.missouri.edu/about/faculty-staff/

Matthew Franck
Director of the William E. and Carol G. Simon Center on Religion and the Constitution, the Witherspoon Institute

Photo Credit: https://berkleycenter.georgetown.edu/people/matthew-j-franck

Christopher Green
Associate Professor of Law and H.L.A. Hart Scholar in Law and Philosophy
University of Mississippi School of Law

Photo Credit: http://law.olemiss.edu/faculty-directory/christopher-green/

Michael Uhlmann
Professor, Claremont Graduate University

Photo credit: https://www.cgu.edu/people/michael-uhlmann/