The James Wilson Institute on Natural Rights and the American Founding

4x – Senior Seminar Sponsors $10,000

Provide for the needs of our Senior Seminars, which gather judges and experts together to educate one another in the natural law, over the course of a weekend. These seminars take up substantive current issues to discuss how they can be seen and understood better through the lens of a natural law jurisprudence.


Prof. Robert Miller of University of Iowa Law School: "These seminars are the most important conferences that I attend."


Prof. Daniel Mark of Villanova Law School: “Having a community that comes together on a regular basis is really valuable for the project because it means that we can make intellectual progress. It’s not as though we start from scratch each time.”


See our most recent senior seminar here.



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The first and governing maxim in the interpretation of a statute is to discover the meaning of those who made it.
— James Wilson, Lectures on Law, 1790