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Terms of Service

When an individual makes a donation on the Site, they are making a donation to the James Wilson Institute for Natural Rights and the American Founding (JWI). All donations made through the Site are final, irrevocable and non-refundable. As a non-profit corporation, JWI may not promise or provide goods or services in exchange for a donation. If a charge to your credit card was made in genuine error, please contact us at staff at or call our office at 202-760-3220 between the hours of 9am-6pm Monday-Friday. A staff member would be happy to assist. All genuine errors will be determined by JWI staff upon review of transaction records.

Privacy Policy

The James Wilson Institute respects the privacy of its donors and their choice not to have personal information shared with others. The Institute does not and will not sell, rent, or trade donor information to organizations that use such information for commercial or other purposes.


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The James Wilson Institute has sought to recover, and to teach again, those anchoring truths that provided for the Founders the moral ground of the law.
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All men are by nature equal and free. No one has a right to any authority over another without his consent
— James Wilson, Considerations on the Nature and Extent of the Legislative Authority of the British Parliament, 1774